Robert J. Sutter Our mission is to assist all insurance agencies in growing their business by getting the most from their producers.

Robert J. Sutter, CPCU, knows selling. He has been a professional salesman for more than thirty years, and has trained hundreds of salespeople in agencies and brokerage houses throughout the United States.

Lessons he learned as a Marine Corps officer are the foundation for teaching salespeople how to take business from underperforming competitors. His Path to Professionalism™ Course is designed to sharpen the skills of experienced producers, and shorten the learning curve for those new to sales.

Accessible 24/7 through this website, Path to Professionalism™ video training is an indispensable tool for insurance sales professionals.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions on how we can improve this website, and more importantly, the Path to Professionalism™ program. Your success ensures our success!

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What customers say

"Your "Path to Professionalism" is the best training I've ever received as a producer. As a result of your advice and processes, I haven't 'bid' or 'quoted' an insurance account in over 10 years. You once told me, "applying for the job, changing the debate, and getting BOR's may be more difficult initially, but the outcomes are more desirable."
Over the long term, your coaching has enabled me to become the largest producer within Rutherfoord, with a personal book of business now well in excess of 2 million dollars in revenue. I'd be happy to speak with anyone who is considering your training program."
Doug Crowe - Senior Vice President - Rutherfoord Alexandria Division 703-354-1616