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"Ten years ago, our agency was successful but not really growing the way that it should have been. We needed something to jump start us, to kick us into another gear. Enter Robert Sutter and his "Path to Professionalism." Robert challenged us to attack the difficult task of changing the culture of our agency. We learned that focusing on price was not getting us where we wanted to go. In order to truly grow we needed to focus on differentiating ourselves from our competition by providing the highest level of technical guidance to our prospects and clients.

Today we are an agency that has an in-house loss control and risk management division that provides a high level of technical involvement in our clients' insurance programs. We focus upon getting it right, rather than getting it for the lowest price. The seeds that Robert planted ten years ago have yielded an agency that has grown to more than double its size and now serves as a clear leader in our insurance market place. Robert asked us years ago – "Are you convinced that you are the best agency in New Orleans?" At the time I wasn't sure. Now, I'm certain we are. Mission accomplished."

R. Parke Ellis, CPCU
Chairman - Gillis, Ellis & Baker, Inc.
New Orleans, LA 70112-1238

"We are very glad that we purchased the PTP producer Sales Training programs. With a new producer, this was just what we needed at the right time. Even as a 33 year Insurance veteran, Robert Sutter and the PTP program has helped me in my role as Owner/Sales Manager."

Mike Kilmer
Kilmer Insurance Agency
Wyalusing, PA

"After hearing Robert's remarks about the military's 'Five Paragraph Plan' (S.M.E.A.C.) and its application to sales strategies, our staff embraced the concept and employed it in our agency's annual planning process. It is a remarkably effective tool..."

Bill Mitchell
Mitchell Insurance, Inc
Butler, PA

"Thanks for the outstanding work you have done for our firm. I personally have been in sales for 40 years and have learned things from you that I have never heard before, or even considered. Our time with you has been well spent, and I can see it having a dramatic impact on the growth of our business in the years ahead."

Roger Shultz
Shultz-Rowson, Inc.

"I recently prepared the most complex sales proposal I had ever attempted for presentation to a large prospect, as well as to serve as a template for similar opportunities down the road. The day after my presentation, I heard Robert's program "Proposals that Win," and realized there was a serious flaw that needed to be corrected. My audience was a buying committee, comprised of different personalities, with different buying motivations. My presentation, however, was designed to appeal to only one type of buyer.

Members of the committee, confused by aspects of the analysis and detail, requested a follow-up presentation. I made some changes, taking Robert's advice to approach the various committee members, individually, to address each of their needs. Upon presenting to the entire group the second time, we were able to discuss what remained to be decided without worry that we were pleasing a couple of the committee members while ignoring the needs of the others. Addressing multiple buyers in this manner was a valuable concept I had never considered before – and was instrumental in closing the sale."

Tom Brown
Brown Insurance Group
Highland, Indiana

"Robert, I have been in the business for 20 years and will say to my other experienced partners that this program is not geared only for new agents. Some of the strategies I knew, but either needed a "refresher" or a different perspective. Some strategies were completely new to me. I would like to thank you for the recent success that I had with a large account by using knowledge gained from your program."

Randy Wright
Carlton Wright Insurance Agency
Roanoke, Virginia

"Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. The training and coaching you have given have helped me yield some spectacular results. I would like to share one recent proposal where your expertise really paid off. I had worked this prospect twice before, and considered not working it again. After your class on Marine Corps planning, as applied to selling, I reevaluated my position and decided to pursue it. You really helped me lay "land mines" for the incumbent broker. In the end we unseated a 10 year relationship and gained a new client worth $72,000 in commission"

John Ludwig
IMA, Inc.
Denver, Colorado

"The lessons have helped our entire office realize many things we NEED to do differently when meeting with potential customers and keeping current clients. Nothing you learn from these lessons will be difficult to do, and will drastically change your thoughts, actions and words with these prospects and customers. The proposal lesson was a winner. I watched the first segment before preparing a proposal for a current client that had obtained quotes elsewhere. Following Mr. Sutter’s advice from the lessons, I created a new proposal. With this new tool, I felt confident meeting with the client and was able to keep the account!"

Jodie Dwyer
Harrington-Hoch Insurance Agency
Richmond, Indiana

"Strike while the iron is hot was great advice. Your input was invaluable, as I would have waited until closer to the expiration to pursue a prospect who was clearly aggravated with his broker. I didn't think he would go for a mid-term cancellation but I was wrong, and he bought without a written proposal or firm price. The account is worth in excess of $20,000 in commission. Thanks for your help."

Scott Hoffman
Warren-Hoffman & Assoc.
Buffalo, New York

"At the time you and I met, I was very down on the insurance industry and close to changing careers. After working with you, and learning many of your techniques, I have a new outlook on the industry. In addition, my book of business has grown 112% in one year. Working with you for the past ten months has been the best personal and professional experience I have ever had."

Mike Belanger
Querbes & Nelson
Shreveport, Louisiana

"You have shown me the veritable "light at the end of the tunnel" of how to sell against price and deeply entrenched agents. Your methods have not only sold me and the other agents in our office, but have also sold the largest clients I have ever been able to put on the books in my six year insurance career. Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you."

Eric Copple
Querbes & Nelson
Shreveport, Louisiana

"I thought you might be interested to know that your presence and input with our producers has made a difference in both attitude and approach. As an aside, one of our producers recently left our agency, and we expected his book might follow. Mark Heoflschweiger was assigned one of his larger accounts and used one of your ground rules for keeping it. In essence he applied for the job. The general consensus is that your knowledge to be shared with us is invaluable."

Art Cryer, CPCU
Warren Hoffman & Assoc. Buffalo, NY 30202

"I recently closed my biggest deal to date and wanted to let you know I used some of your techniques to do it. The account will generate over $90,000 in commission, with potential for more, should we be chosen to handle the benefits program. Robert, everything really came together better than I could have expected. I've told you in the past that I would like to bottle up the things you say and use them. Well to my surprise, I think I did bottle some of them up. Thanks for the support and the good advice. I look forward to more sessions."

Steve Maloof
Tanner Ballew & Maloof
Atlanta, Georgia

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